Monday, March 13, 2017

Life is Just Better When You're on Your Bike

Hi Family!

This week I had a very intense situation called a Rubik's Cube.  The Highland Zone had a Family Home Afternoon where all the missionaries in the area got together at a senior couple missionaries house, had lunch, had a spiritual thought, and played some games.  Some of the Elders brought Rubik's Cubes.  I wanted to solve it, but I am not talented in that area.  I asked one of my zone leaders, Elder Geiselmayr, to "almost fix it" for me.  He did and then told me it would take four moves to fix it. Uhhhh, yeah, I was still stuck.  So every time I would try to make the right move, the elders would all tell me it wasn't right.  It took a lot of coaxing and hinting, but eventually I did get it.  I guess it was a really intense experience for everyone else too because once I got it, everyone stopped to clap and cheer.

It's getting really warm, which I am super excited about.  It makes it even better to be out working.  Sister Johnson and I went tracting again this week, and we had a pretty cool experience.  We met one guy and he was straight up not interested.  I am working on asking for referrals from everyone because there is going to be someone who knows someone else, and that someone else is just waiting for the gospel.  Normally I will ask, "Do you know anyone else in this area who could use a message about Jesus Christ? Or some service?" because the gospel is going to help them most, but for some reason, with this particular person I felt that I should ask for service primarily.  I did and this man was visibly shocked when I said that.  It was cool.  He stopped and really thought for a moment and said, "No, but I can tell that you are very nice people."  He still wasn't interested, but I believe that this interaction changed how he saw missionaries.  The Lord knows just what people need to have their hearts softened, and I'm glad I was listening to the Spirit so I could be part of that.

I got to be companions with Sister Irvin (the one that reminds me of Sarah) for a day.  She is a sister training leader or STL, so she gets to go on exchanges with some of the sisters in our mission once every six weeks to see how they are doing and to help us become better.  This time, I went into her area, and I met the most adorable two year old girl named Charlotte.  We were having dinner with Charlotte's family, and Charlotte insisted on sitting by me.  That made my day, so I sat by her and made a comment that "Wow! I get to sit by Charlotte! I'm so lucky!"  Okay, this killed me because without missing a beat, she responds, "No, I'm so lucky!"  These are the very small tender mercies that make missionary life so fun.

We have still been working with Rachel and Alex.  We took a picture Book of Mormon Stories book to them, like what Mom used to read to me when I was littler.  They have loved it, especially Rachel.  She has been reading it with her three-year-old, Devin.  They are awesome and they are seeing so many blessings, but Satan is also trying to throw distractions at them.  I love Alex and Rachel a lot, so please continue to keep them in your prayers.

I learned a super awesome lesson this week that I'll just end my email with.  Sometimes it's hard to want to go out and talk to people because it's really fun to sit on a couch and stare at nothing.  But every time I get outside, I always feel better and happier than I ever would have on the couch.  Sometimes Satan tempts us with something we really do like, but God's way will always make us happier because life is just better when you are on your bike.  Read the Book of Mormon!  It's the best!  I love you!

Sister Emily

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Sunday Lunch with the Best Companion

Highland Zone Mario Kart (in real life)

I was dressed as Toad, but I also got to be a Goomba.

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