Monday, July 31, 2017

I See Dead People (it's my companion)

Hello Family!

Sister Sowa, one of my friends here on the mission, wanted me to say hi to y'all, so here is her shout out.  Transfers happened, and I will be in the Queen Creek for another six weeks--no surprise there since my companion will be returning home tomorrow.  I'm officially "killing" a companion; I wonder if this counts as being able to see dead people?  I'll get my new companion on Wednesday, so I'll be with some other sisters for this evening during the departing missionary festivities and for tomorrow.  It's been a great twelve weeks with Sister Rogers, and it will be fun to see the changes that come.

Exciting news for me this week, I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish!  It was a neat experience, and I felt a lot of peace and happiness upon finishing, and I am definitely a lot more comfortable speaking Spanish than I was before I started.

We had two pretty amazing experiences.  The first was with a less active family that will be moving soon.  Sister Rogers and I had just finished planning for the day when we get a text from one of the ladies in our area asking if we could go help this family move.  We had a pretty busy day planned, and had planned in a lot of people that our bishops had asked us to visit.  We decided to pray about it, and eventually came to the conclusion that we would go help with the moving.  Well, we went to help, and we showed up right when this sister was most stressed out and were able to help her.  She told us after that we had shown up "at the perfect time".  It was a cool lesson of listening to God because He has a lot better idea of what needs to happen.

We also got to take Jacqueline on splits with us a few times.  I went on splits with Jacqueline a lot in Bella Vista, so it was fun to have her come over to Queen Creek.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not, but Jacqueline was baptized a few years ago, and ever since then has just loved to go on splits with the missionaries.  She is even planning on going on her own mission one day.  The day she came with us, we had a lesson, but we assured her that it would be with an active member.  It was with the Wurtz family, who has the sweetest little kids.  We asked Jacqueline to share her testimony/conversion story at the end, and she did wonderfully!  We were inviting the Wurtz to invite a friend to a Family Home Evening, and Jacqueline was able to share how she was first invited because a friend asked her to come to church with her.  It was incredible to have her share her story with those kids.  It's something they will remember for the rest of their lives, I hope.  I'm just lucky that I got to be a part of that lesson.

Well, by Sister Sabey standards, this will be a short email, but I just wanted to finish with something I've learned this week.  I think one of my challenges is that I always try to find a "formula" or a "system" that works every single time.  If I teach the members this and that, or if I say that and this to someone we meet on the street, it will result in such and such.  I think, "this worked in Highland, so it has to work in Queen Creek", and it does, but it's never as effective as I was hoping for.  The thing that I learned this week is that unless it's Jesus Christ and His Atonement, it's not going to work every single time.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the details that I forget to step back and say, "What would Jesus Christ say if He were here?"  It bothered me that I learned that fourteen months into my mission, and I was almost reluctant to change because I'd been trying to find a "formula" for so long.  But especially this week, I've learned that following the Spirit is always the best option because He always testifies of Jesus Christ.  Well, that's my little shpill for this week, Family.  I love you!

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