Monday, May 29, 2017

I'm a Jedi

Hi Beloved Family!

Important Business: Next week, P-Day will be on Wednesday, June 7 because we have Elder Pearsen, a member of the Seventy coming to speak at one of our Zone Conferences--which will be on either Monday or Tuesday, hence the need to change the date.  So do not worry if you don't hear from me next Monday--that is a good thing.  Just pray that I will have enough laundry to make it to Wednesday.

Next important matter of business, shout out to Potato (Katie) for graduating from high school!  I was bummed that I could not be at your graduation just waiting for the 2 seconds of joy when I got to hear your name among the 45 minutes of hearing other people's names.  Have fun officially adulting! (And if you ever want to consider missioning, you know where to reach me ;). )

We got to go to the temple again this week.  It was really exciting because they had told us that we were only able to go once every quarter.  We had just gone last transfer, so when they said that we could go this transfer, why question it?  As always it was an amazing experience and it prepared me for something cool that I learned a few days later about the Fall of Adam and Eve.

I also got to go on exchanges again with Sister Butler in the San Tan Zone while Sister Sprouse came to Queen Creek with Sister Rogers.  Sister Butler is amazing, and we had a lot of fun.

I've also gained my own Star Wars nickname from the son of a recent-convert.  Before my mission, Tanner made me promise him that I would be a Jedi on my mission--side note, that was inspired for him to say because whenever I forget why I am on a mission, having that image of the promise I made my little brother inspires me every time.  So now to add to that, like I was saying, I have my own Star Wars name.  Robin (the recent convert)'s son LOVES Star Wars.  And Legos.  He has a room full of every Star Wars lego set you could imagine.   He was very proud to show us his Star Wars legos, and made some comment about "Sister Jar Jar".  We asked who Sister Jar Jar is, and he told us it was another missionary who had served here named Sister Holbrook.  I asked why she was called Sister Jar Jar.  He said it's because she'd literally touch his legos and something would break.  That made me laugh.  So now it was my turn to get a Star Wars nickname.  He asked who my favorite Star Wars character is, and I told him Rey.  Now I have officially been dubbed Sister Rey.

Sister Rogers and I have started up teaching the members the missionary discussions again, and I love it so much!  Seriously, everything is just better when you get to teach and testify, and knowing that it will help the members to do missionary work makes it even better.  So far we have really good responses from the members.  Although tears are not the only indication that someone might be feeling the Spirit testify to them, we are pretty excited that so far the Spirit has been so strong at every lesson that someone has cried.  But again, that's not the only indication of feeling the Spirit (prime example, me).  One thing that Sister Rogers is helping me become better at is testifying throughout teaching the lesson--not just at the end.  Sometimes we will be teaching a lesson that is going so-so, but every time we get to the point about the Savior's Earthly Ministry and Atonement, when we take time to testify of Him, the Spirit in the room changes and turns the complete lesson around.  Every single time.  It's so cool!

Just to finish up real quick, remember how I love the Doctrine of Christ? Like I might have a low-key obsession with it?  Well . . . I LEARNED A THING!  In Sunday School, we were learning about the three degrees of glory (more information in the link:  They were talking about the attributes of people that would be comfortable in each kingdom by reading about it in Doctrine and Covenants 76. I was sitting there looking at the verses and underlining each thing it said relating to the conversation, and I realized that literally it comes down to applying the Doctrine of Jesus Christ.  The more we rely on Jesus Christ and His Atonement, the more we really allow His teaching to become part of our character, the more we accept the promises and blessings our Heavenly Father has given us, we will be prepared to stand before our Savior after this life and have Eternal Life.  It's ALL about the Doctrine of Christ!  Well, hope your summer vacation has started out great, Family!  If you ever feel the need to spend some time in 120 degree weather, you know where to come.  I love you!

Sister Emily
(aka Sister Rey)

1001 N Burk Street
Gilbert, AZ

Sister Butler, Sister Sprouse, Sister Sabey, and Sister Rogers

We almost "broke" the fence. Tender Mercy: We didn't.

Gilbert, AZ Temple

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