Monday, February 20, 2017

Don't Crash!

Hi Family!

I totally forgot that last week was Valentine's Day because that just doesn't exist in a missionary brain, so happy belated Valentine's Day!  And I guess it's President's Day now, so it must be fun to have the day off school.  I only remember that because it's a day that the library is closed, so we had to find somewhere else to email.

I guess I forgot to tell y'all about Sister Johnson because I figured I already know her, so obviously everyone else does too.  Sister Johnson is from Maryland, and sometimes we switch places when we tell people where we are from so she gets to see how Utah missionaries are responded to, and I get to see what it is like to be from Maryland.  Pretty much everyone resonds with, "Oh! What part?  I've been to Baltimore once!"  Sister Johnson is not from Baltimore.  She's from a town called Fredrick. She went to BYU-I for five semesters before she came on her mission, and guess what?  She also has three little sisters!  She is just missing the little brother and then we'd be the same.  Sister Johnson and I have a lot of fun singing Les Miserables because we have deemed it "mission appropriate".  She sings Javert's part, and I get to be Val Jean.  We have a blast together, and she is a really hardworking missionary.  I love her a lot!

This week has been absolutely nuts.  Last Monday, one of the sisters we live with, Sister Foster, crashed her bike, flew over her handle bars, and now has a sprain in her leg.  We wanted to make sure Sister Burden, her companion, didn't have to stay inside for the whole week that Sister Foster wasn't supposed to put weight on her leg, so we've been taking turns so we all get to go out and work.  Don't worry, I used my inside time very productively because I can now play the Banjo.  Obviously, I could be better at chords, but I can play one hymn.

When Sister Johnson and I were both able to work in our area, we had a pretty exciting week.  We have been focusing on finding friends to teach.  We met Jason again.  I met Jason when I was first in this area.  He was the one that wanted proof and was very skeptical.  Don't hold your breath because we are not teaching him, but I did get to ask him how his Book of Mormon reading went.  He did read from it, but unfortunately, he's not interested in learning more right now.  It was nice to know what had happened, though.

We also had a nine-year-old boy complain that "all missionaries ever talk about is Jesus".  Sounds like a real struggle, eh?  It made me happy to know that he's met missionaries that know their purpose.

Nicole is doing well.  We are just reading the Book of Mormon with her and she absolutely loves it. It makes me so happy.  If you could pray for Rachel and Alex, though, I would really appreciate that. Well, that's all I have for this week.  I love you!

Sister Emily

1001 N Burk Street
Gilbert, AZ

Missionary Lunch between church meetings

We had a lot of rain this week

Sister Irvin's Lemon Dress

After we would knock on a door, these kids would knock on the same door to offer service.  It was the cutest.

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