Monday, January 16, 2017

Sister Sabey is a Nut

Hi my wonderful Family!

We were able to do a lot of finding, and this week, I think I received some pretty solid revelation for how to be more effective in the work in our area, so I am pretty excited for what is coming.  We met an awesome new friend named Nick this week.  Sister Miller and I were biking around trying to figure out exactly what our ward boundaries are, when we saw someone pulling in his trashcan.  (This person was Nick.)  We started talking to him and he told us he has a friend that he asks questions to about our faith, and then he asked us this questions I've been hoping someone would ask, "What makes your church different?"  We told him about it and gave him a Book of Mormon, and he said he would read it.  Nick is awesome, so I'm excited to go back and talk to him more.

Another day we were going door to door on one street, and we met Dr. Nate.  He told us that he was going to a conference in Phoenix for a bunch of different faiths.  We talked to him for a while.  He encouraged us to continue to hold onto what we know, but he didn't care to learn more.  However, we did get to ask him if he would take a copy of the Book of Mormon to his conference to give to someone who could use the message of Jesus Christ it contains.  He was more than happy to.

We potentially have a new friend that we are teaching!  In our area, there is a family that the husband is LDS, and his wife, Mary, is a devout Catholic.  We like to go over and visit them from time to time, and they are super nice.  Mary has an incredible faith in Jesus Christ, so I love to listen to her stories, and she always lets us share a thought with her. Before we left, I told her that we haven't been actively teaching the lessons a lot--we just have the one friend we are trying to teach--and if she would let us practice teaching her so we can be better.  She thought that was a wonderful idea, so we are also very excited about that.

One night this week, we were going to dinner with a family in our area.  About ten minutes before, I all of a sudden realized something I'd forgotten about: the member we were eating with was President Wilkinson, the first counselor in the Arizona Gilbert Mission presidency.  Help.  Sister Miller and I were low-key freaking out, but it was a really fun dinner, and I've repented of making a judgement that it would be scary.

Sometimes, Sister Sabey is a nut. Here is a story. I was riding my bike one day, singing the Batman theme like a chipmunk (I was on a bike and I was bored... why not?) I thought the only person who could hear me was Sister Miller, so I was just going for it. Well, it wasn't.  We bike around a corner, and I see a little boy in his driveway.  I stop and am feeling really self-conscious, so this sweet little boy decides to help me out and finish the Batman theme for me.  Yup...

Well, this email has to be short and sweet, so more details to come next week. I love you, Family!
Sister Emily
1001 N Burk Street
Gilbert, AZ

Poor tired Sisters

Service with my Zone--this week I learned that lemon trees have thorns.

The horsie posed long enough to take a picture.  How sweet. 

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