Monday, December 12, 2016

Countdown to Christmas!!

Hi Family!

Christmas is just around the corner and I could not be more excited!  I just have to get passed the fact that to people visiting it feels like the middle of summer and to me it feels more like late fall.  Other than that, there is a lot of Christmas excitement and it sometimes inclines others to be a little nicer to us missionaries.  Sister Burden and Sister Wells have been caroling to people as a way to share our message of Jesus Christ, so Sister Miller and I decided to try it.  It's been fun to see the smiles on peoples faces the majority of the time.

One really festive thing that I am loving about this area is something called Christmas on Comstock.  Comstock is a street that I live near, and they won a competition for best lights a few years back.  Every single yard is decked out in lights and they sync it with music while people drive or walk through.  The line of cars was so long that it was causing traffic on a main road!  It's nuts!  Sister Miller and I try to go any night we can and talk to people.  It made me realize just how well known missionaries are in Arizona.  I'm used to members yelling, "hi Sisters!" as we bike by, but I wasn't expecting to hear people of other faiths yell, "Hi Mormon Sisters!" as we rode past.  It definitely made me happy.  Christmas just makes people friendlier.

This week at the Old Folks home was a blast!  I've gotten to know a lady by the name of Jean there.  When our zone went, I got to help her watercolor a picture of a Christmas tree.  I think I've been adopted as her unofficial granddaughter.  She gave me the picture that she painted, so I have it proudly hanging on my wall at the house.  The Old Folks home that we go to is for memory care, so a lot of the times, I have the same conversation with them every 15 minutes.  It's so sad, but you can't help but just love them so much.  Jean has to keep asking my name, and she lets me know that she really likes the name Sabey and that my mom did a good job.  It's the sweetest.

I had another conversation in Spanish this week with a girl named Luz, and I love seeing how the Lord helps me so I can say what I need to.  Luz told me my Spanish is very good.  She just moved from Chicago and is looking for a church, so missionaries are going to go teach her!

As for Rachel, she passed her baptismal interview, so if all goes smoothly, she will be baptized this Saturday!  She could not be more excited!  We also have a miracle baptism this week for someone named Patrick.  Patrick grew up in one of our wards, had lots of LDS friends, and is now taking the missionary discussions in Alabama where he is going to school.  He wants to be baptized by someone he knows back here, so we get to meet him tomorrow.  I'm excited for him as well.

That's all for this week!  I hope that y'all are doing well!  I love you so much!

Sister Emily

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Christmas on Comstock

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