Monday, June 13, 2016

One Faith, One Baptism, One Month, and One Libro De Mormon!


This week has been a lot smoother than last week now that I am getting the idea of who the members are and I'm starting to get comfortable with the field missionary life.  I hit my one month mark on Saturday! It was like a little mini birthday.  I figured that in mission years (like dog years, but for missions), I'm about five years old now. I know I said this last week, but the members are ever so kind. Except for when they ask me where I'm from . . . I tell them American Fork, and almost every time, they respond back, "American Fark?". I'm still trying to think of a witty response or something.  But they are really kind to me and Sister Sprouse.

One of the most entertaining things that happens here is random texts from Carl.  I forgot to mention this last week, but Carl refers to the sister missionaries as Sisters of Jesus, and sometimes he texts us with his deep questions of the world.  The other day he was pondering if maybe God is the boss, Jesus is the Son, and the Holy Ghost is the director of activities/the master of ceremonies. He then goes on to ask us "Mayhap thou hast a verse or three on this subject?". I have also shared 2 Nephi 8:12 with him several times because he keeps asking me to reread it to him.  He went on in this text to say, "I need to learn more about Sister Sabey's favorite Bible verse. We will work on this."

This week, we met a lot of people! The first one I want to tell you about is a girl named Leslie.  She is a baptist.  We stopped and talked to her while she was getting her mail, and during the conversation, she made a comment about how what we as LDS Missionaries are doing is really a good thing.  It feels really nice to see that even if others don't recognize just how amazing this message is, they still appreciate that we are doing a good thing.

Of course, there are others who do not like our message at all. When people straight up argue with us about how we are wrong or something, we call that getting "anti'd". But Sister Sprouse pointed something interesting out.  When people tell us that the message we share is not true, even though we feel sad that they don't see it, there is also a wonderful feeling of peace because we know that no matter what they say, that doesn't change the fact that this message is of God. No argument is stronger than our testimony, and it's the most incredible thing!

Then there are other people that it's a blessing we were able to speak to at all.  Sister Sprouse and I were walking to visit someone on Sunday, and we saw someone in their driveway, and decided to go talk to them. Turns out, they don't speak English. They speak Spanish.  I found a Spanish Book of Mormon at our house that I've been carrying around for just in case this happened, and guess what? I started saying what I could in Spanish.  I didn't say much, and I know my Spanish wasn't perfect, but let me tell you: God loves His missionaries, and He gives us just enough to do what He needs us to do.  I was able to bear a simple testimony of the Book of Mormon, and tell her to read it, and she accepted the book! Even though any more contact will have to be made through the Spanish missionaries, I am so thankful God let me run into her so I could have that experience. 

However, the most incredible highlight of this week was getting to teach Kenzie and then seeing her get baptized. Kenzie is such an amazing source of strength to me.  We were at her baptismal interview, and we were talking about how her family is not supportive at all of her decision to be baptized.  It was heartbreaking because I don't know if I could do that. I'm thankful that my family already knows the message of the restored gospel. But as she talked, even though I'm sure this is hard for her, she knew how important this was and how happy it would make her, and that because of that, it didn't matter what her family thought.  That was Thursday night.  Two days later, Kenzie entered the waters of baptism, and it was such a blessing and an opportunity to see how happy she was.  The Gospel changes lives, people.

I've started to understand what it means that we have the only true church on the earth again and just how blessed we are to know about it and be members of that church! This is an amazing opportunity, and it's not always easy, but it is worth it for the tender mercies I get to see.  It's amazing that God gave us agency, the power to choose, because we get to influence our fate, and we also know how to do that in the way that will make us most happy because of this gospel.  I love you all so much, and I miss you more than I can say, and I'm happy that the Lord is allowing me to take part in His work.

Until next week,

Sister Sabey

Carl and the Sisters of Jesus


Kenzie's Baptism

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