Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hello from the MTC!

Hi family and friends!

Our district teacher people said we can email quickly to let you know I got here safely, and I don't actually know when my P-Day is, so I am taking advantage of this opportunity. I am here, and I am happy! I miss you, but I also feel right at home.  I took my co-workers advice and did not look back after I got to hug my amazing family one more time.  It helped me get into the zone of "this is my life now".

My district is amazing.  I like them a lot already!  We are all either going to Gilbert, Arizona or Colorado.  My companion is Sister Sorenson, and I adore her.  We were actually already friends on Facebook, so I guess I broke the one rule they always tell you in internet safety--do not meet up with people you have only met online. She was also in marching band in high school, played alto sax, and we are a lot alike.

I also found Sister Swindle, which is exciting! Since I've been here, I'm pretty sure they walked me all over the MTC, then we met our districts and got all oriented.  Now I get to go unpack and I have more orientation tonight.  We get to watch missionaries teach "investigators" and then comment.

I love you all so much! I will send pictures on my P-Day!

Sister Emily Sabey

Being set apart

Weighing my luggage 

Hugging Mom good-bye

Hugging Dad good-bye

My family at the MTC

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  1. You neglected to mention that your two suitcases were the size of Volkswagon Beetles. I feel less concerned for your wardrobe options, though I will next advocate that you get some suitcases with spinner wheels. Love you & good luck! Auntie